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Dog Kennels & Pet Groomer Columbia, SC

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. To guarantee a spot we require a reservation. Usually, we are able to accommodate reservations 2-3 days in advance. We are able to accommodate same-day reservations at times but recommend you call as soon as you know you need to board your pet. On major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and July 4th, we recommend reservations at least 2 weeks prior to your stay as we do fill up.
Does my pet need any vaccines prior to boarding at your facility?

Yes. We require dogs to have Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough), Canine Influenza (H3N2) and Distemper/Parvo. We require all cats to have Rabies, Feline Leukemia and FVRCP. We recommend your pet be on a preventative for fleas as well.
What if my pet needs medications? Can you administer them?

Yes. We are happy to administer any medications your pet needs. We ask that you bring the medication in its original package with the instructions for us to reference. We are able to administer pills, drops, shots and other types of medications; an additional fee may apply.
What if my pet becomes ill or needs medical attention while boarding.

Should your pet require medical attention all effort will be made to use your vet. This ensures they are familiar with the medical history of your pet. Should your vet be unavailable, we will take them to our vet at Banks Animal Hospital.
Can I call to check on my pet?

Absolutely. We understand that pets are part of the family. We are happy to provide you with an update on your loved one if you would like to call and check on them.
Should I bring my own food?

This is completely up to you. Our food is included with the boarding rate but we are happy to administer food you bring. If your dog or cat has a sensitive stomach, skin allergies or is on a vet-recommended diet, then we suggest you bring your own food. An additional charge of $1.00 will apply for administering your own food.
Why is there a charge to bring my own food? That seems backwards.

When you bring your own food we take extra time to ensure your pet is given the correct food and the correct amount. This breaks up our procedures a bit and requires a little extra attention.
My dog seems tired when they come home. Is this normal?

Your dog gets a lot of activity while they are boarding. They are often barking at other animals and running around more than they would at home. Oftentimes, just as when we return from vacation, the dog is tired from all of the excitement. Sometimes your dog may feel stressed as well. Being in a new environment, with new people and other dogs around barking, may cause some stress.
Are my dogs let out for potty breaks?

We take dogs out for a morning and an afternoon break. This allows them to stretch their legs a bit and relieve themselves. Should they have an accident in their room we are well-equipped to clean and sanitize their room. Should you feel your dog needs extra attention and more time to run we have extra play times available for purchase during their stay.
How many times will my pet be fed?

Generally, we feed all pets twice a day. Should your dog require a different feeding schedule please let us know and we will accommodate your schedule. All animals are provided with water the entire time they are boarding.
Is your facility heated and cooled?

Yes. Our facility is both heated and cooled to provide a comfortable environment for your pet. They are also shielded from all weather while in our facility.
Can I get my dog groomed while they are boarding?

Yes. We do offer grooming as long as there is an available appointment during their stay. We offer all of our guests the opportunity for an exit bath prior to their departure for $10.00. We are happy to add nail trims, brush outs and ear cleanings for a small additional charge.
Will my dog play with other dogs?

No. We do not let your dogs interact with any dog that is not boarding with them. We do not allow this due to not knowing the temperament of all dogs that come through our facility. This ensures no chance for a fight to break out or your pet to get hurt.
Is your staff there only during business hours?

No. Our staff is always here early in the mornings and in the afternoons beyond business hours to care for your pets.
What are the pick up and drop off times?

You are welcome to drop off M-F between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Saturday 8:00am and 4:00pm, and Sunday 11:00am and 2:00pm. You are also welcome to pick up during these hours as well. However; Check Out Time is 12:00pm (Noon). If you pick up by 12:00 noon you will not be charged for the day of pick up. Any pick up after 12:00 noon will incur an additional charge for that day.
Can I tour the facility?

Yes. We are happy to walk you through the facility. We can show you where your baby will be staying and answer any questions you may have. 
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