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Making sure that your pet is well groomed will allow him or her to feel as happy and healthy as can be. The problem is, pet grooming at home is not always the easiest thing to do; it’s actually quite the chore if you’re not a professional groomer. If it’s time for some bathing, brushing, nail trimming or ear cleaning, we want to take the chores off of your hands and help!

At our innovative pet spa, our pet groomers make sure your furry family member looks, smells and feels great. In doing so, we offer a comprehensive pet grooming program that highlights their appeal and quality of their overall health.  

Here at Palmetto Pet Resort, we keep our facility well-maintained, sanitized using hazard-free, pet friendly products, looking good and kept odor-free. We want to create a fresh, fun and comfortable environment so that your dog can enjoy his or her stay at the pet spa. We all know how much cats and dogs hate taking a bath, but our professional pet grooming staff will handle your pet with care and provide the attention they need to enjoy their day at the spa. 

Our pet spa is open 7 days a week for departure services or grooming by appointment.


Nails Trimmed 
Ears Plucked and Cleaned 
Anal Glands 
Bows or Bandana
Being professional pet groomers, we can get a better look at your cat or dog’s skin as well to indicate any possible health issues. In the event that we may come across any sores or lumps, you will be informed and consulted about further necessary steps to take beyond our facility.

With the many pet grooming services we offer here at Palmetto Pet Resort, we hope that your furry little pal will hop along feeling as happy and healthy as can be. By removing that heavy coat and trimming those claws, we will enable your pet to enjoy physical activity and will feel much more comfortable. Call us at Palmetto Pet Resort and make a cat or dog grooming appointment any day of the week. Your pet will be glad that you did!  

The best pet grooming in Columbia, SC!

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